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About Barbara Hale: 

The one and only source for information about all actors and actresses, directors and movies..., of course one can find here information about Barbara Hale's life and work, too.

Nicely written biography profiling the actress and her work. Short but unusual. Of course one can discuss what is written there...

Brian's Drive-In Theater
Brian's Drive-In Theater has dedicated a site to Barbara Hale. Here one finds a short Biography, a Filmography and some Photos. A great site with many links to other stars, movies and series as well. 
Check it out!

Big Dave's Barbara Hale Annex
Find out at Big Dave's Annex site what the Press thought about Barbara Hale. 

Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen
Read about Barbara Hale at this great tribute site for the female stars of the silver screen.

TV and Movie Trivia Tribute
Check out Barbara Hale at the "TV and Movie Trivia Tribute" Website.


'Perry Mason' related links:

The Perry Mason TV Show Book
What should I say? Here you will find *everything* about 'Perry Mason'... read about life and work of the famous cast and  learn about the TV series and movies. The site is based on the 'Perry Mason TV Show Book' by Brian Kelleher and Diana Merrill. Webpage by Dave Brockman.

Perry Mason TV Series
Next "must-read" source for Perry Mason fans also by Dave Brockman. What you will not find at the 'Perry Mason TV Show Book' site you will find it here: cast and actor  lists, statistics, Trivia, Episode Guides, and a media page with sound and video clips!

Dave's "Della Looks On" Page
The Perry Mason TV Show Book commented on Barbara Hale's "looking on" job once: "She had one of the most difficult jobs on TV at the time. Although her presence was absolutely necessary for the success of the "Perry Mason" show, she had less on-screen time and dialogue than any of the other principals, except maybe the actors playing the police lieutenants." Dave's site shows her at work "looking on" 
throughout the series.

The Hallmark Channel
The US Channel that  airs 'Perry Mason' since 1. July  2002. Hopefully they will broadcast all 271 episodes. Check out for info about the series and view a trailer!

The German TV channel that broadcasts Perry Mason has info about the series and the actors. Here you'll also find a short description of the episodes that will be shown in the in the next days.

NPR 'Perry Mason' Radio Feature
Listen to Nina Totenberg's radio report about 'Perry Mason'. One can also find video clips, pictures and a novel excerpt on this site. 

The Perry Mason Pages
A site by Brian S. Monroe. Detailed descriptions of the novels as well as info about Erle Stanley Gardner and his other works. Read about Perry's, Della's and Paul's cases.

Perry Mason Movies (1985 - 1995)
Short descriptions of the Perry Mason movies can be found at Jan Simko's site. Furthermore I would like to recommend a Belgian site here with cool pictures. 

The Perry Mason {Slightly Paul-centric} Photos
Miss X's slightly Paul-centric Perry Mason Page has a *wonderful* collection of William Hopper pictures! 



Barbara Hale's Movies:

Lady Luck (1946)
Short review of the movie can be found at "The Good Gambling Guide".

The Boy with the Green Hair (1948)
 Haven't seen one of Barbara's films? Watch this movie here! 

Jolson Sings Again (1949)
Read here about the Al Jolson  and his work. 

Larry Parks Tribute Page
This Site has some nice pictures of  Larry Parks, the Jolson movies and - of course - Barbara Hale. 

The Window (1949)
Barbara Hale's famous Film Noir!  So here we go: site with summaries, reviews, cast list, and pictures...

7th Cavalry (1956)
Small page about the movie with some nice pictures.

Airport (1970)
Plot summary and sound clips can be found on this site.

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
Eek! For the science fiction fans! :-) The site has a longer loading phase but waiting is worth while... scary pictures and a summary! 



When and where is Barbara Hale on TV?:

US Current Month Schedule for the actress.

And a current month schedule for Swiss, Austria and Germany can be found here.



Groups & Bulletin Boards

Della-Perry Yahoo Group
A friendly place to talk about Della & Perry, the series,  movies or the actors 
and their work in common.

Perry Mason Bulletin Board
Discuss the Perry Mason series, the movies or the author Erle Stanley Gardner and his novels 
at the board with other fans.



Cool Nia Peeples Fansite by Jessica Gustavsson! Nia appeared with Barbara in "Perry Mason: Case of the Silenced Singer" (1990).