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There's a new link to Miss X's 

"The Perry Mason {Slightly Paul-centric} Photos"

website at the Links section. This artistic site is a real treasure for all the William Hopper Fans out there! Don't miss to stop by! 


Finally! An Update! 

I added some new screen caps of Barbara guest starring in the short-lived TV series [Custer] (1967). I never thought I'd see this episode! Thanks go to Dave! 

I also added a link to the cool Official Nia Peeples Fansite by Jessica Gustavsson:



New screen caps of [Adam-12] are up.

As usual: Thanks to Dave! ;-)


Happy Birthday, Ms Hale! :-)


Read [About Barbara Hale's Birthday] at Big Dave's Barbara Hale Annex!


Troubleshooting! The Guestbook had a few problems recently. We had spammers! EVIL! Dave fixed it. (Thanks!) 

If you want to leave a comment you have to enter a password. It's "Della" (without the quotation marks.) Just type it into the "Password" box. It should work fine. We hope that this will confuse the spam robots. At least... they can't "read", can they? ;-) 




I've two updates today! :-)

First: I learned that Barbara Hale joint the cast of "Stump the Stars" not once but TWICE! What exciting news! I really enjoyed that show and now I'm curious about Barbara Hale's second appearance in 1963.

Entry added at the [TV and Radio] [TV und Radio] [TV y Radio] Site.

Second: I also added some screen caps of Barbara Hale's appearance on "The Greatest American Hero" starring her son William KattRobert Culp and Connie Sellecca. I'm excited that I got the chance to see an episode of this series! I've to say that it was fun watching William Katt as the super hero and Barbara Hale "playing" his mom. In one interview Barbara remembered her guest starring role on "The Greatest American Hero." She said that she let the producers know that there's no other woman who can play the part but her because she *is* the super hero's mother! Clever and so true! 

Plot: Ralf's (William Katt) mom (Barbara Hale) wants to marry again. But the young fiancé obviously has skeletons in the closet. The hero comes to save the day after everyone asked "Who is Woo?"

View Screen Caps of ['The Greatest American Hero'!]

Thank you, Dave! ;-)


I've added a new link to Barbara Hale's entry at the  "TV and Movie Trivia Tribute" Website. 



I fixed some links in the Links section. It's a shame that some sites simply vanish! 


Furthermore I got a "Barbara Hale" Google Alert that led me to an article that mentions Barbara Hale, Bill Williams and William Katt. It also has a Trivia Question! I thought this one was kind of fun. The article seems to be gone today - ALREADY! So I thought I include the paragraph here:

Just super

It was intended as an American pie in the face, a saucy bit of slapstick that poked fun at the superhero genre. But, ultimately, there was too much drama surrounding the ABC TV series "The Greatest American Hero."

After scoring with "The Rockford Files" and other shows, producer-writer Stephen J. Cannell created a comedy-adventure series about a mild-mannered high school teacher named Ralph Hinkley who stumbles into becoming a superhero. A lovable bumbler, Hinkley was played by William Katt, the son of Barbara Hale, Della Street on "Perry Mason." Among the other cast members were Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp and Michael Pare.

From the start, somebody or something was always stepping on Hinkley's cape. Twelve days after the show premiered on March 18, 1981, the similarly named John Hinckley tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. To dodge any bad association, "Hinkley" became "Hanley" or "Mr. H." (The show went back to "Hinkley" in its second season.)

Then, Cannell was sued by Warner Bros., owner of DC Comics, which alleged the Superman image had been copied. Cannell won, but not without some anxious moments. Cannell also battled with ABC over the show's direction. Though "The Greatest American Hero" was a spoof and had been Emmy-nominated as a comedy series, the network pressed Cannell to take a more straightforward approach, which Cannell resisted.

The series, whose first season has recently been released on DVD, stayed on the air just under two years after various timeslot changes. Despite the show's shortish run, its Mike Post-Stephen Geyer theme song, "The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)," became a No. 2 hit for Joey Scarbury.

Bill Williams, the father of William Katt, played what frontier hero on TV from 1951 to 1955? 

Online Source:   (New Jersey Online Newspapers) 03/01/2005. 


I added *another* TV appearance of Barbara Hale:

TV Series:
- The Most Deadly Game 

[TV and Radio] [TV und Radio] [TV y Radio]

I finally, finally, finally updated the "Radio and TV" section of the website! Thanks to all who kept reminding me that there are some of Barbara Hale's guest appearances missing in my list! I think, all of them (that I know of) are added now!

The new entries:

TV Series:
- The Doris Day Show 
- General Electric Theater
- Letter to Loretta 
- Damon Runyon Theater 

Documentaries, Interviews & Shows:
- Here's Hollywood 

[TV and Radio] [TV und Radio] [TV y Radio]

Ok! I finally fixed all the errors (I hope!) and so there they are:
Some new pictures of the cast of  "Perry Mason" attending the game show 

"Stump the Stars"

Hope it's interesting! This show was super fun to watch and I thought I'd like to have some pictures here! ;-)

As usual: Thanks to Dave for sharing! 

I also fixed some other smaller bugs... More to come later.

I've *finally* added two very good and nice discussion boards that I really enjoy. There's the 

Della-Perry Group @ Yahoo


The Perry Mason Bulletin Board

Two nice places to talk about Perry Mason, the actors and their work. If you have questions about the series in common or something that is related with the actors you might find some experts here who can help. 

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Welcome to the new home of the Barbara Hale Home Page! 

Some things have changed and will change in close future. Besides the new URL we now proudly present our Guestbook
Feel free to leave a message! 

There's also a new email address. If you have questions email me at: 

Furthermore I've added new links to two great websites. Of course they provide info about Barbara Hale, too:
Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen

Larry Parks Tribute Page

The Radio and TV site has also a new entry. Another guest appearance of Ms. Hale in "Letter to Loretta" has been added to the list! 
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